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New York Yankees: Gary Sanchez Launches One To Lansdowne Street (Video)


New York Yankees rookie catcher Gary Sanchez smoked a tremendous home run that landed outside of Fenway Park.  

No one would have predicted that Gary Sanchez would have 15 home runs in just 40 games once called upon by the New York Yankees.

Yet, a bomb on Saturday at Fenway Park tied him with Kevin Maas (1990) for the most homers by a Yankee in his first 42 career games.

His shot also gave him the most by a Yankees’ rookie since Hideki Matsui had 16 back in 2003.

Let’s reiterate how much of a bomb that long ball truly was, though.

Off the bat, the ball was launched with an exit velocity of 101-MPH, traveled a total distance of 407-feet with a launch angle of 30 degrees, and landed outside of Fenway onto Lansdowne Street.

Folks, if you haven’t realized already, the Kraken is moving full speed ahead and doesn’t seem to be capable of slowing down.

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