New York Yankees' CC Sabathia Sides With Colin Kaepernick
Kim Klement, USATSI

New York Yankees’ left-hander CC Sabathia will not disagree with the ideology behind Colin Kaepernick’s protest of the national anthem.

Although zero MLB players have completely leapt to NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s defense, truthful feelings are being voiced.

The latest? CC Sabathia, a 36-year-old southpaw who has been around his sport for quite some time.

“It’s tough for us, yeah … I don’t know if people are afraid (to speak out), but there are not a lot of us. It makes it kind of awkward.” – Sabathia to Mark Feinsand of the NY Daily News

Major league baseball consists of merely 8% African-Americans.

Adam Jones of the Baltimore Orioles was the first notable MLB star to back up the 49ers QB, claiming that baseball is a “white man’s sport.”

No one in baseball has sat down for the anthem, but it is becoming ever so clear that the conception persists with more than one individual.

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