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Dodgers’ Fans Tease New York Yankees With Roll Call, Giant Banner (Video)

Los Angeles Dodgers fans absolutely took over the New York Yankees’ home as they did a roll call and revealed a giant banner. 

Is this Yankee Stadium? Or Dodger Stadium East? Tonight, it’s pretty hard to tell the difference.

In the first inning, as the New York Yankees begun taking their swings, the opposing fans made a mockery of the “Bleacher Creatures'” daily roll call by calling for each Dodgers’ player until they waved back.

Although that didn’t succeed as well as section 203 in right does, the ocean of blue over by the left field foul pole whipped out a section-long Dodgers’ banner.

For a team that hasn’t visited the Bronx since 2013, they really know how to start smack. Yet again, when the Bombers are only wheeling in 38,274 fans a night with dozens of empty sections, it’s easy to be overpowered.

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