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How Derek Jeter, The New York Yankees Helped The Saracini Family Through Sorrow (Video)

Jack Curry of the YES Network brought back the story in which Derek Jeter and the New York Yankees took care of a family who lost her father 9/11. 

Brielle Saracini, who is now 25-years old, met Derek Jeter 15 years ago just a week or two after her father, Victor Saracini’s life was tragically taken in the attacks on 9/11.

Victor was a pilot on Flight 175.

His plane was hijacked and flown into the South Tower at approximately 9:03 AM ET which killed everyone on board and hundreds inside the tower.

Less than a week after the attack, Brielle addressed a letter Jeter, who read the letter and invited her and her family to a game at Yankee Stadium.

The video above recaptures what the family went through on the day and how the greatest organization in baseball helped them cope with their tragic loss.

Hats off to the New York Yankees, and may we never forget what happened on that dreadful day of September 11, 2001.

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H/T: The YES Network