CMU Beats Oklahoma St. On Crazy Hail Mary As Time Expires (Video)

CMU wins as time expires on a crazy Hail Mary which included a lateral. One of the greatest plays you will ever see.

There is nothing like a successful Hail Mary pass in football. This CMU game winner had all the best elements of a Hail Mary and then some.

Central Michigan was down three with no time left on the clock. It was endzone or bust. The ball was lofted up to about the 10-yard line. The first step was catching the ball which is difficult enough with the Oklahoma State defenders just waiting to knock it down.

The receiver not only made the catch but then had the awareness to make a perfect lateral to Corey Willis who ran the remaining ten yards around defenders to barely make it into the endzone.

It’s only week two of college football but this is definitely in the running for play of the year. It was an unbelievable upset and an unbelievable play to seal it. It’s going to be tough to top that.

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