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New York Yankees: Staten Island Yanks Could Potentially Become The ‘Pizza Rats’ (Report)

A New York Yankees Single-A affiliate is in the midst of a name change, bringing intriguing name choices into the mix.

Back in June, the Staten Island Yankees announced that they would be changing their name.

Now, a short list of potential name choices is surfacing. Let’s just say some make more logical sense than the others:

  • Staten Island Bridge Tolls
  • Staten Island Heroes
  • Staten Island Killer Bees
  • Staten Island Pizza Rats
  • Staten Island Rock Pigeons

The Bridge Tolls make sense given their location. The Heroes is a cheesy name, but it fits nonetheless.

With that said, the other choices are simply preposterous. The Killer Bees? The Rock Pigeons? The Pizza Rats?

Why don’t we keep a serious organization the way it is. For instance, the “Staten Island Pizza Rats” breathes foolishness from a franchise which signifies class.

Brace yourselves, Yankee fans.

H/T: CBS Sports

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