While their playoff chances are still open to interpretation, the New York Yankees have proven to be an extremely resilient bunch. 

Yet again, the New York Yankees came from behind to win a crucial game on Tuesday night. As the impactful nature of each and every contest reaches substantial heights, the resiliency from the boys in the Bronx only climbs.

Tonight, trailing 2-1 in the seventh, Tyler Austin jacked a two-run moonshot to right-center to put New York ahead by one. At that point, it looked as if the Yanks were well on their way to a second straight win over the first-place Blue Jays.

Brad Penner, USATSI
Brad Penner, USATSI

However, a bullpen blip in the top of the eighth relinquished the lead, and as the bottom of the eighth came around, all signs pointed to a disheartening loss.

An electrifying Didi Gregorius RBI triple, a situational Starlin Castro sacrifice fly, and an imperative Chase Headley two-run bomb, and the Yankees had taken the lead back, propelling themselves to victory.

Sure, it was an uplifting win. Yes, the Yankees now trail Toronto by merely 4.5 games for the AL East crown.

With that said, more important is the developing trend. These New York Yankees do not quit.

A new mystique in the Bronx has created incredible team camaraderie which has helped fortify an American League contender. The correct pieces are in place. It is not glamorous and it is certainly not flashy, but Joe Girardi’s squad gets the job done when their respective backs are against the wall.

The past two weeks have showcased a Yankee team that lives for the moment. More importantly, a team that wants to play and thrive in a pennant race.

After dropping a series opener in Kansas City, adversity surfaced. Responding to it as they do so well, New York used the grit that was absent in the first half of the year. The prestige they lacked prior to creating a brand new identity; restoring new hope.

Peter G. Aiken, USATSI
Peter G. Aiken, USATSI

Following a 5-4 extra inning win in the middle game, the Yankees trailed 4-0 in the series finale, in danger of squandering a meaningful, implicative three-game set.

They proceeded to plate three in the sixth, one in the seventh, and one in the 13th to pull away victors. Seven shutout frames from the bullpen paved way for a hard-nosed victory.

Heading into a weekend set in Baltimore on a high note, two downright disappointing shutout losses ensued. Yet again, the team was put to the test.

In a series finale their skipper described as the most important game of the year, the Yanks pulled out a 5-2 win, effectively keeping dwindling hopes alive.

Now, there’s is.

From the offensive resiliency to Brett Gardner’s game-saving, season-altering catch, the team is alive. If there is such a thing as momentum over the course of a 162-game baseball season, this is it.

Unlike the dull aspect of an aging, lifeless early 2016 team, this team breathes excitement, intensity, and engagement, permitting wins despite a subpar pitching staff. They may go down, but they are never out.

The current state of the pinstripes describes just that. Do not write the Yankees off. When you do, they like to bring the pain.

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