Rob Gronkowski Fed Up With People Correcting His Grammar Mistakes On Twitter
Winslow Townson, USATSI

New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski is certainly not a fan of “grammar police” as much as quarterback Tom Brady is not a fan of people ripping his “deflategate” incident.

It is pretty embarrassing when you make spelling or grammatical mistakes on social media and have it corrected by someone you probably don’t know.

New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski certainly feels that way, calling those people “grammar police.”

On Wednesday, Gronk decided to put out a spiteful statement on Twitter directed at those people:

One of the examples which infuriated New England’s primary target was this tweet, handily corrected by @dukeandboy:

Hey Gronk, those are pretty simple words. There’s really no excuse for those errors unless you did it on purpose, which would not come as a surprise given your playful nature.

Maybe someone should ask Gronk how to spell “deflategate.”

Ouch! That would spark a social tirade not only from him but from everyone in the Patriots, especially the man wearing No. 12.

H/T: theScore

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