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New York Yankees: Pulaski Yankees Tweet Vague Statement Regarding First Round Pick Blake Rutherford

The Pulaski Yankees, a minor league affiliate of the New York Yankees, made a strangely vague tweet about first round pick Blake Rutherford, then deleted it. 

This is … interesting.

Blake Rutherford, who was selected as the New York Yankees‘ first-round pick in this year’s MLB Draft, has not played since August 24 and the Pulaski Yankees – the Appalachian League Affiliate of the Major League Club – made a very puzzling tweet regarding him.

The tweet was deleted moments later but it read: “Re: Blake Rutherford. The Pulaski Yankees have no comment. All questions may be directed to Yankees Player Development Complex in Tampa.”

The tweet was made at 11:11 and deleted at approximately 11:52.

Rutherford was hitting .351 with three home runs in the minors since being drafted but above all, we should all hope and pray the 19-year old is okay until assured this circumstance is nothing to be concerned about.

ESNY will watch closely and provide updates once word arises about the situation.

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