Rex Ryan Has Gained 30 Pounds Since His Twin Brother Joined Buffalo Bills Staff (Report)
Timothy T. Ludwig, USATSI

Buffalo Bills head coach Rex Ryan has apparently put on a great deal of weight prior to the start of the 2016 NFL season.

As people here in New York can attest to, Buffalo Bills head coach Rex Ryan is nothing short of a drama inducer.

Rex brought his twin brother, Rob, to the Bills staff this offseason as their new defensive coordinator. Rob previously was a defensive coordinator for several teams such as the Cleveland Browns, Dallas Cowboys, and the New Orleans Saints.

That’s not the actual drama. It was what happened afterwards.

According to CBS Sports, Rex who, just like his brother, is a big guy himself, has reportedly gained 30 additional pounds ever since he brought Rob along.

Back in 2010 as the head coach of the New York Jets, Rex lost about 100 pounds after having lap band surgery.

To keep himself in shape, Rex organized a daily walk for about a half hour with five other Bills staff members around his age including Rob, per ESPN’s Elizabeth Merrill.

Unlike Rex, Rob was not thrilled by it. Rex loves eating salad but one time during a meal, Rob sneaked in and ordered a meat instead.

How this pertains to the Bills success this upcoming season is another thing. The Bills finished 8-8 in Rex’s first year as their head coach in 2015-16. With some further expectations this season, there will be even more pressure on Rex.

It all depends on how he coaches and how the players around him play, but him being in good health will undoubtedly help Rex go through another potentially grueling season.

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