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Minor Leaguer Zach Welz Does Flip Over Wall To Bring Back Home Run (Video)

Zach Welz of the Arkansas Travelers quite possibly made the minor league catch of the year when he brought back a potential home run last night.

Zach Welz may not be having the best offensive season for the Dodgers’ Double-A affiliate, but he did enough on Wednesday night to make his stamp on future highlight reels.

Cody Bellinger of Tulsa slammed a high drive to right field which looked like a no-doubter off the bat, deceiving the play-by-play announcer just as much as fans. Taking a home run call in stride, he and everyone was in utter shock when Welz came back — after flipping over the wall — with the ball, unharmed in the process.

The confusion in the broadcast was simply priceless. The play itself was absurdly tremendous.

The only aspect that takes away from the dazzling catch, perhaps, is the height of the wall. Let’s be real here: I can point out three midgets in the world who could have reached over that wall without a leap.

Nevertheless, the effort was unreal.

H/T: Bleacher Report

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