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New York Yankees: Mike Francesa Contradicts Himself, ‘Always Thought’ Miller & Chapman Would Be Dealt (Video)

All one can possibly do is thank the dedicated Mike Francesa listeners for catching his lies the second they happen.

Mike Francesa is at it again, allowing his ego to get in the way of the truth.

In the midst of his 5.5-hour afternoon drive show yesterday, a caller asked him if he was “surprised” at the order in which Aroldis Chapman and Andrew Miller were dealt at the trade deadline.

In typical Francesa fashion, he went back on a statement he made prior to the deadline, claiming that he “always thought” both relievers would be traded. If he had the ability to gather what he previously said on the air, he would have realized that his gut told him Miller would not be traded.

At this point, the blunders are comical.

With that said, ironically enough, these short clips are what keeps the king of sports radio, as he says, “Numbah one!”

H/T: Twitter, @RNs_Funhouse

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