New York Yankees: Aaron Judge Making Quick Strides To Superstar Status
Bill Streicher-USATSI

Since his promotion to the Bronx, New York Yankees’ outfielder Aaron Judge has demonstrated that he is on the fast-track to stardom.

Judgement Day is defined by most as being the end of the world. For the New York Yankees, however, its meaning holds the opposite value. Aaron Judge’s first week in the show makes Judgement Day the start of something fresh, exciting, and a new era in Yankees’ baseball.

Through the first three games of his (so far) brief major league baseball career, the 6’7″ right fielder is 5-for-10 (.500) with two home runs, three runs batted in, and an on-base plus slugging percentage of 1.783.

More impressively, after hitting his second home run in his second career game against the Tampa Bay Rays, he became just the second player in Yankees’ history to go yard in each of his first two games.

In last night’s 1-0 win over the Toronto Blue Jays, Judge backed up Chad Green’s gem with a RBI double in the fourth inning to make him the first in team history to record an extra-base hit and a RBI in each of his first three games in “The Show.”

“You know that if [Judge] gets the ball in the air, it can be trouble,” Joe Girardi told Newsday. “That’s exactly what he did, and it turned out to be a huge RBI.”

This next stat is as insignificant as anything, but when Judge’s numbers are prorated to 162 games he would have 108 home runs, 162 RBI, 270 hits, and 54 doubles. Again, meaningless but incredible.

“Judge has been great,” Yankees’ first baseman Mark Teixeira told the Daily News. “He’s a guy that we’re all rooting for. A really nice kid that has a lot of potential, a lot of talent. We’re seeing it right now.”

Forget highly touted prospect, this dude is an absolute monster and he’s ready to jumpstart this franchise into a new era of Yankees’ baseball.

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However, it’s hard to imagine this consistent play keeping up. After all, he maintained a 29% strikeout percentage in his minor league career but then again, he is believably powerful enough to launch a ball out of Yankee Stadium.

It’s not smart to place asinine expectations on Judge like everyone did for Luis Severino, but that in itself is a difficult task when you see how much of an impact the 275-pound slugger can have on a team just 4.5 games out of a playoff spot.

“From a physical standpoint, you look at Aaron Judge and you’d think he’s an NFL defensive end,” manager Joe Girardi also told the Daily News. “That’s the way we look at him. Hopefully, for us, he does very well…”

He does more than just fit the body type of a football player. Judge is a monster disguised as a rookie who is having an outstanding first week in the Bronx and he is ready for what it takes to transform into something special.

Like everyone has been reemphasizing ever since he and Tyler Austin went back-to-back in their first at-bats, the baby bombers – led by the power of Aaron Judge – are here to stay and here to build the next core of championship runs.

He even draws correlations to Giancarlo Stanton, which could be foreshadowing what kind of ballplayer Judge could end up being very soon – if he isn’t already.

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