New York Yankees: Former Teammates Commend Alex Rodriguez
Anthony Gruppuso, USATSI

Alex Rodriguez received some kind words from former New York Yankees teammates prior to his final game in the show.

Sure, Alex Rodriguez had some bad hiccups, effectively diminishing respect from his name. However, he was still a constant presence in the Bronx for 12 years.

Being around and producing for a long period of time truly does mean something in today’s day and age, particularly with fellow teammates.

Multiple ex-teammates — and ex-Yankees, for that matter — issued statements honing in on the man with 696 career homers:

One of those statements was from former Yankee manager Joe Torre, who notoriously batted the iconic slugger eighth in a playoff game due to terrible struggles. As expected, he spun their supposed rocky relationship into genuinely kind words for a day as meaningful as this one.

Tonight’s happenings should be intriguing to follow, but the three-time AL MVP, at the very least, will walk away knowing that he gave the organization everything he had.

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