New York Yankees: The Scranton Shuttle Must Stop Now
Kim Klement, USATSI

The New York Yankees have set the stage for a glorious future, but managing assets correctly is the next step.

With the New York Yankees’ recent demotion of Luis Severino, questions will arise regarding the organization’s direct plan with their promising assets.

Following a stellar stretch out of the big league bullpen, the 22-year-old was granted another opportunity out of the rotation. Sure, last night’s start was not a direct representation of the right-hander’s ceiling, but why send him down?

Whether a roster spot is needed or not, this move is asinine to put it lightly. With a plethora of expendable pieces on the roster, why send down a guy who greatly impacts the future both immediately and in the long-term?

Let’s start by putting this into perspective. What does another string of Triple-A appearances do for Severino?

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Given his dominance seemingly every time he takes the ball in the minors, it clearly is not a confidence issue. So, with that said, why does he need to dominate once more?

Quite frankly, he should have been given a clean slate. Following what was a dreadful early season slump, the table should have been set for a late-season surge. One poor start should not be the barrier between the franchise’s most exciting young arm and continued big league appearances.

As stockpiled talent works its way to the Bronx, Brian Cashman, Hal Steinbrenner, and company cannot simply sit back and view certain maneuvers as trials.

These kids, who have all dominated the minors in some form, need real major league opportunity. When they are called up, they need to be watched, critiqued, worked on, and ultimately rectified.

Growing pains are part of the deal, and a factor the front office has yet to come to terms with.

If Severino happens to flub five big league starts between now and the end of the campaign, the Yankees will lose five more games than expected. So what?

The experience the youngster will have gained and the knowledge the organization will have obtained is the most vital aspect. Five extra losses would be meaningless to a team currently showing its inability to get over the hump day in and day out.

Five poor starts would merely justify a modified bullpen role in 2017.

What have they gained now? Absolutely nothing.

With Aaron Judge knocking on the door, Tyler Austin ready for a promotion, Clint Frazier attempting to eek his way into a September call-up, and a surplus of moving parts within the system, real-time chances must be handed out.

The developmental staff, currently making a fortune from the Yankees’ higher-ups, need to enforce the mindset, skill set, and analytics that can take these top-tier prospects to the next level.

Demoting cannot and will not be the proper course of action. It is a matter of time before personnel begins to realize this.

Justification is certainly in store, but all Severino will be gaining is a nice ride back to the “Electric City,” one or two intriguingly stellar starts, and another form of false hope.

Perhaps the coaching staff is not doing the job, or maybe it is just a lack of work ethic or sheer talent on the right-hander’s side. No one can truly know at this point, but less will be known by sending him to another state.

The Yankees have accomplished the first step: acquiring talent. The next step, grooming the acquired talent, is all but in question.

Time will tell. Consistent excellence can be reached, but only with the correct tendencies. Unfortunately, those tendencies do not appear to be in the right areas.

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