New York Yankees manager Joe Girardi got quite irritated when asked questions regarding the playing time of soon-to-be-released slugger Alex Rodriguez.

Prior to tonight’s game Joe Girardi told reporters that his, “Job description does not entail a farewell tour.”

Clearly frustrated by the constant questions about A-Rod, he defended himself and admittedly blamed himself for promising playing time. Girardi had recently said that he would, “find a way” to get the former superstar time on the field in his final four games.

Rodriguez, who will play tomorrow and Friday prior to release, was reportedly frustrated that he did not get the chance to play in each of the possible remaining contests:

“I’m disappointed. When I heard him say I can actually play in all four games, I was really excited to get some at-bats. I don’t know what happened.”

After appearing to be on the same terms, it appears as if the organization is headed towards a rocky finish with their 41-year-old slugger.

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