New York Yankees principal owner Hal Steinbrenner elaborated on his recent meeting with Alex Rodriguez.

As many know by now, Alex Rodriguez will be released by the New York Yankees following Friday’s game and will assume a special advisor role with the organization next spring.

Owner Hal Steinbrenner — who went on ‘The Michael Kay Show’ on 98.7 ESPN and the YES Network after the happenings — proceeded to give further specifics on the conversations which were held (video below).

Steinbrenner responded to Kay by saying the offer A-Rod offer was “not an ultimatum,” or, essentially, not a do or die scenario.

While the Yankees were certainly looking to find a peaceful common ground with the 41-year-old, it becomes difficult to believe that they would have corresponded flexibly had he declined the offer.

One thing is for certain: the resolution fits both sides, clears the franchise of scrutiny, and keeps the situation under control.

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