Michael Young Loses His Mind Over Elvis Andrus’ Saw Mask (Video)

If you’d like to see a desperate man who so scared that he’s ready to let one fly, check out Michael Young in response to Elvin Andrus.

Note to self: Never mess with Michael Young.

Even more important note to self: Never wear a mask when Michael Young is least expecting to see one.

As you can see in the video above, former Texas Rangers infielder Michael Young was enjoying his day at Arlington Park – in which his number was being retired – when former teammate Elvis Andrus decided to play a friendly joke on the retired ball player.

Young’s face was priceless. It was authentic, scary even. He was literally cocked and ready to blast whoever that was who put the infamous Saw mask on.

Later, in the booth, he elaborated on the moment.

H/T Twitter, @FoxSports

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