When the New York Yankees dealt Andrew Miller, they shifted to sell mode and displayed that the future has effectively overtaken their concerns.

Two straight losses to the dismal Tampa Bay Rays was the only indication the New York Yankees’ front office needed. Following a lifeless defeat last night, it was easy to differentiate the Yanks from the true contenders in the American League.

Once and for all, principal owner Hal Steinbrenner took the hint, gave the green light, and ultimately opened the path to not-so-distant glory.

By trading Andrew Miller, evident is the fact that the Yankees are calling off 2016. A three-headed monster, which was the strength of the team, has turned into a one-man show. Fans will still fail to realize the achievements of the past week until they see it with their own eyes.

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Sure, empty seats will be a common theme in August and September. Yes, the Yankees will mightily struggle to merely stay mediocre.

However, the stage has been set for longstanding contention and reign. The Evil Empire which the franchise built from 1996-2012 has the ability to return once more. The best part: they are far from done.

Combine the Aroldis Chapman and Andrew Miller deals with what the Yankees already had, and they now have control of five of major league baseball’s top 40 prospects.

For Miller alone, they received Clint Frazier, who many have compared to Mike Trout talent-wise, and will place him on his direct path to the show. As a 21-year-old Triple-A outfielder, he perfectly fits the future landscape.

Justus Sheffield, currently residing in High-A ball, connects with the picture in 2018 and beyond. As a 20-year-old left-hander, he will ideally be a key piece to future Yankee success.

Not to mention the pure cornerstone they received in the Chapman deal. With Gleyber Torres coming aboard, likely resulting in a shift to second base, can’t you just imagine the double play combo up the middle when he teams up with Didi Gregorius in the bigs one day?

Not to mention the already ever-so-present assets. Gary Sanchez awaits his outburst while handling the pitching staff at the big league level on an everyday basis. Aaron Judge is poised to be a 40 home run threat on a yearly basis. Luis Severino is ready to prove his early 2016 struggles were a fluke, and effectively return to dominance.

All of a sudden, the Yankees have a stacked farm system, they have a future, and they have optimism. They no longer have to crowd themselves with the uncertainties of the present. The talent currently maintained vacates too many avenues to count.

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Exciting and thrilling New York Yankees baseball is awaiting the fans, something they have not witnessed in complete form since 2009.

Not to mention if they part with additional aging, valuable pieces. Carlos Beltran and Brian McCann may very well be the next duo to pack their bags. Even if they do not bring back A-level prospects, the depth in the system will be greatly bolstered. What if they find a way to locate a suitor for Jacoby Ellsbury or Brett Gardner? Two words: endless opportunities.

Paths are created to the bigs, holes will be filled by exciting and young commodities, and the Yankees will have the financial flexibility to add star power to supplement the already promising youth. That is how a dynasty is built, everyone.

The second Miller was dealt for four minor leaguers, Hal Steinbrenner took his first huge leap of faith since assuming ownership. He overcame the fact that the team he was fielding day in and day out was nothing more than a .500 club. With the move, he “waved the white flag” on 2016.

Yes, the next two months may be painful. Sure, they will be even more difficult to watch if further assets are dealt. Consequently, 2017 may be just as rough.

With that said, the “win now” mentality will never leave those in the front office. Maximizing value is something that will be closely entertained for the next decade of Yankees baseball. If the prospects do not fully pan out, value will be obtained for those individuals. If the prospects pan out in harmony, additional value will be had.

The future is bright for the first time since the most recent Bronx reign commenced in 1995.

Doesn’t it feel nice, Yankee fans?

The organization is no longer in a state of battle with their own possessions. They may have an uphill climb, but a ski lift has already been installed to aid their glorious pursuits.

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