All Russell Westbrook Can Do Is Laugh About Kevin Durant (Video)

When asked about Golden State Warriors superstar Kevin Durant, all Oklahoma City Thunder guard Russell Westbrook can do is laugh.

Finally, we now have something of actual substance regarding actual true feelings involving Kevin Durant’s departure from Oklahoma City.

Some backed the superstar’s selfish move to the Golden State Warriors, but most bashed it. It just furthered the sentiment that the new-age NBA superstar is all about the championship chasing ways the media drools over.

But what about what Durant left behind? What about former teammate Russell Westbrook?

There was talk that Durant didn’t even discuss leaving with Westbrook, and now, finally, Westbrook has a reaction for the world.

In the above video, Westbrook simply forces out a laugh in response to the name of “Kevin Durant.”

I think it’s safe to say any friendship that once existed is now completely over and done with.

H/T Vine, Bleacher Report

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