New York Yankees

Fans should not receive the false conception that the New York Yankees are calling it a season following the Aroldis Chapman deal.

The New York Yankees are not simply ‘selling’ with this Aroldis Chapman move. Although they acquired two top-tier prospects to help their plans in 2017 and beyond, the Adam Warren aspect of the move just went to show the ownership’s unwillingness to perform a so-called ‘fire sale’.

In fact, do not be surprised if the pieces acquired in yesterday’s move are used to help the 2016 cause; not internally, but externally.

When Brian Cashman took questions from the media following the trade, which was largely viewed as a win for the Yankees, there was a reluctancy to elaborate on anything more than what it was. An “easy and right call,” is what the general manager called the five player deal.

He added that, “I have a green light to continue to do my job, which is to assess market values both coming and going.” Additionally, Joel Sherman of the NY Post restated the fact that Hal Steinbrenner will, “not allow firesale” and still “wants to try to make playoffs.”

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Well, why not? The second wild card is certainly within reach for the Yankees, and now they have the assets to to further their chances.

Before fans go ballistic and revolt against the principal owner, take a moment to realize this ‘rebuild-in-disguise’ that has been going on for years. The difference is this time it was done right. There is currently a core of youth to be excited about for years to come.

With that youth comes a sense of leeway. No longer are the Yanks limited to four “untouchable” prospects. With six or seven assets, there is potential buying to be done.

Persisting that “This isn’t a white flag,” the Yankee GM may have some surprises in store as he continues to “assess” his options. Being that the team has two games left in Houston and three against Tampa Bay before the August 1 deadline, there is a lot that can go right to keep the likes of Carlos Beltran and Andrew Miller in pinstripes.

Perhaps the Steinbrenner’s seem delusional. I, for one, have called them out on numerous occasions for being too close-minded. However, they have opened their minds on this one.

If it had to be a major league proven commodity like a Warren to get the deal done, then so be it. Ultimately, they showed an openness to part with an imperative piece to get younger, more dynamic, and more flexible.

The flexibility provides the great minds in the organization with the opportunity to get creative. Who is it that can be had to help with immediate contention? Who has contract stability to help create a winning atmosphere next year, the year after that, and so on?

The Yankees are no longer bound to a current roster, a current formula, and a plan that may or may not work two or three years down the road. The franchise has the ability to shape their present and future simultaneously, and numerous paths can be taken with the suddenly bolstered farm.

Sometimes it is necessary to read beyond direct answers. A general hint at buying should be a large indicator of where the front office is in trade talks. As a fan, you should know the staff will do everything to field a winner both imminently and in the long-term.

This first leap of faith was not only a great start, it was an exceptional start. Somehow the present is provided with a sense of optimism.

Joe Girardi’s team — 42-31 since May 6 — can quite handily turn a 4.5 game deficit into a 4.5 game lead with a string of smart moves while maintaining a solid basis for years to come.

Great deal, huh?

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