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MLB: Ranking The Potential NL MVP Candidates

6. Clayton Kershaw

Current 2016 stats: 11-2, 1.79 ERA, 0.73 WHIP, 121 IP, 79 H, 9 BB, 145 K

Projected: 18-3, 1.79 ERA, 0.73 WHIP, 200 IP, 131 H, 15 BB, 240 K

*Projected numbers are dependent upon a return from disabled list*

If the injury bug had not acted as a wall between the left-hander and the 2016 finish line, he would be much higher on this list. There are not too many pitchers in baseball with more value to their teams than Clayton Kershaw provides to the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Let’s add to that: there is not one pitcher in baseball more dominant than Clayton Kershaw. One of the better starting pitchers the game has seen this generation, the numbers speak for themselves.

As a baseball fan, you have to be rooting for his return to action. The 28-year-old is simply too fun to watch.

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