Zinedine Hameur Lain Knocks Warren Thompson Into Next Week (Video)

Boxing fans wait all year for that perfect knockout. On Friday night in Virginia, Zinedine Hameur Lain made it happen against Warren Thompson.

Is there anything better than that picturesque knockout?

It’s what boxing fans live for.

While it’s true that the old school, hardened boxing fan can appreciate a technical boxer such as Floyd Mayweather Jr., it’s also true every single onlooker is just waiting, hoping for that one devastating right hook that stops time for a moment.

On Friday night in Virginia for all the world to see, it happened.

Check out the video above. Zinedine Hameur Lain absolutely clubs Warren Thomspon with a straight right after he left himself vulnerable. It resulted in not only a victory, but Thomspon going down in the most classic of fashions: the slow-motion face plant into the mat.

Just a brutal blow.

H/T YouTube

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