Dellin Betances defined overthrowing when he attempted an intentional walk in the 11th inning of Saturday’s loss.

Perhaps major league baseball should reconsider their stance regarding the elimination of intentional walks. Not only do they keep pitchers on their toes, but they add that human element to the game.

Additionally, fans can laugh their behinds off when they wonder why pitchers can throw a 95 mph pitch on the outside corner yet cannot locate a 60 mph lob.

When Dellin Betances — one of the more tremendous relief pitchers in baseball — was tasked with hitting a standing target in Brian McCann, he turned in one of the greater bloopers of the 2016 season.

Fortunately for Betances, Angel Pagan did not take the initiative to bolt from third and score the go-ahead run. After the failure, the sign for an intentional walk was lifted and the right-hander retired Brandon Crawford.

In an ultimately painful day for Yankee fans, this blunder did not help ease the stress.

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