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MLB: Ranking The Potential AL MVP Candidates

1. David Ortiz

Current 2016 stats: .326, 24 HR, 79 RBI

Projected: .326, 41 HR, 136 RBI

Playing in his last year in the bigs, the 40-year-old is arguably having the best year of his illustrious career. Incredibly enough, his batting average would be the highest of his career, his home run total would rank third, and his RBI total would come three short of a career-high.

Not to mention his 1.083 OPS is off the charts and currently demolishes any competition by at least 66 points. Sure, the Red Sox have some great talent throughout their 25-man roster. However, would they be contending for first-place in the AL East without Big Papi’s production? Absolutely not.

Poised to go out with a bang, the aging slugger Ortiz is putting up numbers as if he had 10 years left in the tank. Without a tail off in the final two months, he is your outright 2016 AL MVP.

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