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New York Yankees: CC Sabathia Wipes Out On Embarrassing Balk (Video)

CC Sabathia did not have the best outing in Thursday afternoon’s series finale, and one aspect of it was downright comical.

Perhaps it was not the best birthday for CC Sabathia. As he turned 36, he was also the victim of an embarrassing balk which left him attempting to work his way back up on his feet.

On a 1-1 offering to J.J. Hardy, the 300-pound big man got his spike caught in the ground, tripped, and ultimately hit the deck while losing the ball in the process. Quite frankly, the play resembled a running back taking a hit from a linebacker and fumbling a football, not a pitcher attempting to throw a strike.

Let’s just say it was not the left-hander’s proudest moment in an otherwise successful career. In addition, give credit where credit is due. The ground held its own on that one.

On another note, CC continues to deliver shaky performances on the hill. He surrendered four runs and seven hits over 6.2 shaky frames in a game the Yanks ended up losing by a score of 4-1.

Not only will he try to put the loss in the rearview mirror, but he will do his best to erase this play from his memory as well. Inevitable is the fact that anyone who pays witness to it will experience some extent of laughter.

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