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New York Yankees: Aroldis Chapman Unleashes 105 MPH In Victory (Video)

Aroldis Chapman was feeling extra electric when he jogged out of the New York Yankees bullpen tonight.

Aroldis Chapman has developed his brand name in major league baseball on sheer velocity. It is that velocity which continues to wow fans as he unleashes speeds few knew were humanely possible.

With that said, reaching his peak on the radar gun was an ongoing process ever since he was acquired by the New York Yankees.

Perhaps it is the steaming hot weather of late. Maybe it is the ‘Cuban Missile’ and his mechanics hitting full stride.

In any circumstance, the 28-year-old put on a clinic while he notched his 19th save tonight. Consistently reaching 103 and 104 on the gun, he clipped 105 mph twice including the final out of the ballgame.

His exact speed of 105.1 mph reached on one extra special ninth inning offering (see above) matched his career-high in velocity previously set back in 2010 with the Reds.

The man is a nightmare for any opposing batter tasked with putting together a quality at-bat against him.

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