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New York Yankees: StubHub Deal Paying Immediate Dividends

When the New York Yankees finalized their deal with StubHub, the hope was that a longstanding partnership would resurrect ticket sales. 

StubHub becoming the official ticket resale partner of the New York Yankees was initially viewed as a win. When the two sides came to terms on June 27, the Yanks looked to put an end to a ticket drought which commenced at the start of 2016.

Not only would fraud be reduced, but fans would have an easier and cheaper way to attend a ballgame while moving away from ticket printouts and pickups.

While the partnership, which recently took effect, brought about promise, sheer results were the name of the game. After all, ticket sales come down to selling the tickets.

It comes as no coincidence that two sellout crowds have highlighted the beginning of a deal which was slated to get underway following the All-Star break. Announced attendances of 47,439 and 48,329, respectively, right out the gates come as a partial surprise.

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You can argue it all you want. Whether it is the rivaled Boston Red Sox being in town, the fact that it is a weekend set in the middle of July, or the buzz that comes with second half baseball, realistic speculations can be discussed. However, a packed ballpark, and packed in the truest sense of the word, should be viewed as an impressive feat for a team quickly falling out of contention.

Putting things into perspective, the Yankees are a mediocre team, have not drawn well all year, and are in the midst of a home stand in which fans may not want witness a loss each and every night.

The convenience of a new service is clearly paying off. Aside from the mobile convenience, the typical fan is getting a day in the Bronx at a luxurious venue for a much more manageable price. Fans drop the prices in order to sell their ticket and make profit, hence the term ‘fan-to-fan’.

A supporter of the Yanks is not being thrown off by the ridiculous nature of both the prices and the pickup system at nearby StubHub services. All of those factors are being reduced to essential nonexistence.

Keep in mind, all of this is coming into play while a Yankee team becomes a brand not worth watching.

With that being said, the early success in sales can only be looked upon as a positive from a business and front office perspective.

If the Yankees sell their assets, and all signs point to them doing so, then there will be a remainder of hope that tickets will still be sold, fans will continue to be somewhat engaged, merchandise will be purchased, and overpriced stadium food will be enjoyed.

Not only are the team’s blunders forcing the franchise to rebuild, the recent buzz at Yankee Stadium is urging them as well.

Sure, baseball is a business. However, there is no rule prohibiting revenue in the midst of a lackluster era. The early signs of a potential long-term collaboration are proving that piece of unconventional thinking to be true.

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