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New York Yankees Marketable Trade Pieces

Lynne Sladky, AP
Lynne Sladky, AP

With a recent report stating that the New York Yankees are likely to trade their top guns, a lot remains to be accomplished in a short period of time.

It appears as if the wait is finally over. The New York Yankees have grasped reality and are reportedly ready to actively sell Carlos Beltran and Aroldis Chapman.

The only condition standing in their way was the continued deterioration of the roster and displacement from contention. Well, that has clearly steamrolled right ahead.

With two straight losses to the Boston Red Sox to begin a pivotal 10-game home stretch, the Yankees will need to go a combined 6-2 in their final eight games just to come out of it at square one (.500). That will be no easy task considering the two opponents — Baltimore Orioles (53-36) and San Francisco Giants (57-34) — they will be faced with.

As the mediocrity of the team has continually flared, it has become more apparent what the organization ultimately has to execute.

However, the front office has yet to move past the obvious. Sure, Andrew Miller can get you massive value from a contender. Sure, Beltran and Chapman will give you substantial return in their respective walk years.

Further thought needs to be put forth.

If the Yanks are going to effectively rebuild, other extremely marketable pieces are going to have to come off the books as well.

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