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New York Yankees: The Best Wins Of The First Half

3. 5/7/16- Ortiz Ejected, Yankees Hold Off Red Sox

For the first time in years, this Yankees-Red Sox game felt like a Yankees-Red Sox game.

With New York leading 3-2 with the bases loaded in the top of the ninth with David Ortiz at the dish, the slugger watched a 3-1 slider from Andrew Miller cross-up catcher Brian McCann who reached almost into the other batters box to grab it.

Home plate umpire Ron Kulpa called it a strike, causing Ortiz to scream “no” a bunch of times before Red Sox manager John Farrell sprinted out of the dugout to hold Ortiz and was immediately ejected.

After things cooled, Ortiz returned to the batters box and took another slider for a called strike three. He then returned to the dugout, threw down his bat, barked some more, and was ejected as well.

Ortiz sprinted back onto the field, yelling at Kulpa while being restrained by his teammates.

The very next batter, Hanley Ramirez, struck out swinging on another one of Miller’s sliders to cap off one of the biggest wins for the Yankees this season.

Sure, Aaron Hicks hit the go-ahead solo blast in the seventh to put New York ahead, but it was the test drama in the ninth that will be remembered from this contest.

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