With Alex Rodriguez’s New York Yankees value decreasing by the day, he will look to create some on his own time.

In facing reality, it is not hard to understand that Alex Rodriguez’s current value on the New York Yankees’ roster is little to none. In fact, he only cracked the starting lineup once over the final 10-game road trip leading into the All-Star break.

The 40-year-old’s batting average sits at a lowly .220 and, once again, he cannot run or play the field. However, apparently the aging star is trying to be proactive in his best interest.

According to a report from Mark Feinsand of the NY Daily News, A-Rod walked out of the clubhouse with one of Mark Teixeira’s first base gloves flowing Sunday afternoon’s win.

Over the four day break, Rodriguez reportedly plans to take grounders at the position in an effort to make himself a viable defensive option for the first time since he returned from suspension (2015).

In making himself an option with Tex’s injury uncertainties, he can certainly see an uptrend from the brutal playing time he has received with Carlos Beltran serving as the team’s designated hitter.

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