Defining himself as a legend in his playing career, Derek Jeter will add marriage to his long list of accomplishments this weekend.

After much speculation surrounding a confirmed wedding, Derek Jeter will take Hannah Davis’ hand in marriage this weekend.

The ceremony, which will take place in Napa County, is expected to be “intimate.” In other words, the Yankee legend prefers, unlike many events in his life, that the special moment is only witnessed by family and close friends.

This will end a long obsession with the personal and dating life of the five-time World Champion. In addition, it truly displays that the captain viewed marriage as a post-career endeavor all along.

It will be glamorous, it will be luxurious, and it will certainly draw connections. The man who fulfilled shortstop duties for 20 years in the Bronx will achieve a life milestone on a weekend that signifies the five year anniversary of a career milestone. 

On this day in 2011, Jeter entered the 3,000-hit club in “grand style.”

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