OKC Fans Burn Kevin Durant Jerseys, Stephen A. Smith Destroys Chris Broussard (Video)

Now that it’s been revealed that Kevin Durant will be heading to the Bay Area, Oklahoma City Thunder fans react in a most appropriate way.

Of course this is the reaction to Kevin Durant moving on to the Bay Area.

How else can fans sufficiently express their bottled up anger?

Now that KD has officially announced he’ll be joining the stacked Golden State Warriors for the next two seasons, Oklahoma City Thunder fans have lost their mind. They’ve already started the LeBron James-esque burning of the jerseys (above).

Jacob Puma might need an English lesson, or seven, but the point was hit home.

Even the Based God lifted the infamous curse laid out on Durant:


The move isn’t LBJ to South Beach big, but it’s definitely huge.

Stephen A. Smith destroyed Chris Broussard on exactly that today, as they cut out from Wimbledon coverage on ESPN to discuss:


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  1. I like Stephen A, usually. But this is one of those examples where his inner Drama Queen emerged. When he sold out and joined market titan ESPN, was that also a “weak” move? Why couldn’t he just be loyal to his original employers coming out of college, stay no matter what, and help them beat whatever competition they have in their market?

    Because Stephen A is a hypocrite, that’s why.