After seeing some time as a pinch-hitter in San Diego, Carlos Beltran is back in the New York Yankees lineup.

The return to the American League style of play does all sorts of wonders for the New York Yankees. One is getting Carlos Beltran, his .298 average, his 19 homers, and his 53 RBIs back in the lineup.

With hamstring woes of late, the 39-year-old was unable to play in a National League park — no designated hitter — this weekend.

With that being said, the same was the case with Alex Rodriguez.

Now it just comes down to who the Yanks would rather have in their starting lineup. In that case, the evident answer is the guy who is batting 76 points higher.

Until Beltran gets back near 100% with regards to his legs, Joe Girardi will be forced to use his productive force out of the DH slot as frequently as possible.

Rodriguez, once again, will be sitting on the bench with no true value. He cannot play the field, he is not a viable pinch-hitting option, and he certainly cannot pinch-run.

It now comes time for Brian Cashman and ownership to make a pure judgement decision with the situation that has just presented itself. Is having A-Rod riding the bench helping or hurting the team?

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