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Rumors have been swirling regarding the New York Yankees and their willingness to deal Andrew Miller in return for Kyle Schwarber of the Chicago Cubs.

Amidst recent reports and chatter about a potential deal between the New York Yankees and Chicago Cubs regarding star setup man Andrew Miller, it is easy for excitement to come about. Despite being sidelined for 2016, even entertaining the thought of acquiring a stud bat in Kyle Schwarber will cause fans to push the idea.

With that said, a step back needs to be taken and the larger picture needs to be pondered.

Since the early stages of the season when Chicago got out to the torrent start they have maintained, it has been clear that they are in the market for help at the back end of the bullpen.

The back end is perhaps the only area yet to be completely shored up on a team destined to win north of 100 games. With 108 years separating the Cubs from their last world series title, anything to ensure roster stability will be executed come the trade deadline.

Any team that needs help closing out ballgames will dial up Brian Cashman. The Yankees currently possess three brilliant top-tier relief arms capable of closing out games for any team in the entire league.

However, any of the three will not come without a steep asking price. With New York currently in respectable range as far as the second wild card goes, there will be no sense of urgency to dismantle a strength of their team unless they are startled by an offer.

The Cubs, in particular, have been rumored to be in on Miller and Aroldis Chapman.

While any individual out of the Yankee pen will significantly help their chances of taking home a championship, the logical nature of New York’s front office needs to be taken into account as well.

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Kyle Schwarber is hurt and, when healthy, is a guy who has juggled positions. Sure, he can absolutely rake yet his ACL and LCL may very well keep him from producing at that same rate upon return.

If the Yankees were to receive Schwarber. and just Schwarber, from the Cubs in exchange for Miller, they would be taking a high risk considering they can receive ready talent from other clubs. Moreover, they would want help in the present if they are going to deal someone who is a big piece to their current playoff hopes.

The last thing they need is another DH-type player without a true position in 2017.

Let’s say the swap turned into Schwarber-Chapman, then it may be more pleasantly viewed. Chapman is a rental that will likely not be retained by any team he finishes the year with, including the Yanks. On the other hand, Schwarber, his recovering knee, and his 16 homers in 49 games in 2015 provides a high risk, high reward situation.

Miller is under contract through 2018 and has tremendous value remaining in the Bronx. Whether Chapman would pan out in Chicago or not, the Yankees would at least have the remote chance of receiving an explosive bat without much compromise.

Throwing names out there always gets fun, and with the unexpected torrent play of every single Chicago Cubs 2015 call-up it becomes exciting to think of the possibility of that being transferred to New York.

With that being said, there is so much value to be had throughout baseball and teams will overspend on dynamic arms to help their current chances.

Brian Cashman, Hal Steinbrenner, and co. should not consider trading arguably the best relief pitcher in baseball for a question mark to be. If that is their idea of a high asking price, they should stand pat altogether.

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