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New York Yankees June Report Card



Overall, their offense performed decently well, especially when compared to how dismal the output was in the first two months of 2016. We already mentioned how the offense scored 129 runs scored compared to the 119 runs they scored in two more games played in May but they only hit 30 home runs which ranked 11th in the American League while their runs scored per game is still ranked 23 in all of Major League Baseball with 4.13 RPG.

Individually, Carlos Beltran led the team in home runs (seven) and batting average (.366) while Didi Gregorius owned a .337/.368/.535 with an OPS of .903. Brett Garnder also had a solid month as he batted .323 and scored a team-leading 20 runs.



Other than Michael Pineda’s resurgence (2.75 ERA in June) and another month of consistency from CC Sabathia, the pitching staff struggled in June.

Their overall ERA (4.97) ranked 21 in all of Major League Baseball while their home runs per nine innings sat at 1.52 (fifth-worst). Their “super” bullpen looked inept as they maintained the sixth-worst bullpen ERA (4.84) and surrendered 1.58 HR/9.

The three-headed monster of Dellin Betances, Andrew Miller, and Aroldis Chapman also took a step back as their ERA throughout this month was 2.98 compared to the 2.18 it was in May. They also gave up 27 hits which was four more than their May total despite pitching in almost seven fewer innings.

When looking at the starting pitching, the rotation only came away with seven victories which ranked 21st in baseball while they gave up the seventh-most home runs. This was in large part in thanks to the struggles of Nathan Eovaldi and Ivan Nova.

Nova, after dazzling upon his return to the staff, maintained an ERA of 7.52 this month including 37 hits surrendered in just 26.1 innings of work. Eovaldi was no better, in fact, worse as his ERA stood at 8.65 while losing three-out-of-five outings without a win.