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New York Yankees: Ronald Torreyes Inexplicably Swings At A Pitchout (Video)

New York Yankees super-utility man Ronald Torreyes made an instant fool of himself when he took an incredibly feeble hack at a pitchout in Thursday’s win.

Rarely are pitchouts honored with a swing. In fact, the only time a baseball player will entertain the thought is to obstruct the catcher from a clear path at nailing down a baserunner.

Ronald Torreyes did not pick one or the other in Thursday afternoon’s ballgame.

With two outs in the fifth inning, Aaron Hicks attempted to steal second base and the Rangers had it read perfectly. They executed a textbook pitchout and as Robinson Chirinos set himself to nail down Hicks, Torreyes took an extremely weak hack at the offering.

Rather than flailing outside the box to disrupt the catcher, he merely swung the bat through the zone at an exceptionally slow rate.

Hicks was out, nearly hurting himself on the slide, and Torreyes put an extra strike himself in an at-bat where he would later go down swinging. It was one of the uglier offensive plays you will see.

Fortunately for both, the Yanks came out victorious and the blunder can be looked upon with laughter.

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