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New York Yankees: Didi Gregorius Proves His Worth Yet Again

Didi Gregorius put his overshadowed campaign on the map last night with his huge two-run walk-off blast for the New York Yankees.

How long is it going to be before Didi Gregorius gets some true appreciation? The successor of a legend, all he has done is come up big time and time again.

As steady as they come, it took a walk-off home run in a telling win to gain some real, hard-earned attention. Currently batting at a promising .290 clip, he is having the best season by a Yankee shortstop since 2012.

Along with his bat coming around, his defensive play has turned into an asset. His slick glove, outstanding range, and strong arm make him a sight to see at the shortstop position.

Overall, he has become quite the ballplayer. The Yankee organization rolled the dice on the youngster with the hope of development and they have received just that.

The 26-year-old is on pace to go for 15 homers and 74 RBIs which, if accomplished, will both rank top five on the team.

With that said, a guy who has done a complete 180 deserves to be accompanied by the most favorable circumstances. Normally residing in the number six through eight spots in the Yankee lineup, Didi certainly deserves a bump.

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Let’s face it. While dynamic at times, Jacoby Ellsbury and Brett Gardner are as streaky a one-two punch as you will see.

One week you will get a torrent output that has Ellsbury near the .300 mark, and then you will receive a seven day stretch similar the 32-year-old’s most recent one in which he hit .190 (4-21).

The same goes with Gardner. For most of the campaign he was hovering around .200 with virtually no firepower. Now the left fielder is hitting a respectable .259 thanks to a month of June in which he has hit .345.

Nonetheless, Gardner is projected to drive in 32 runs as opposed to Gregorius’ 74 at this rate. It does not take an unbelievable mind to understand the vast difference in production that lies in the two respective offensive lines.

The Yankee shortstop has earned his way into top of the lineup consideration and by no means should Joe Girardi have anything set in stone, especially considering his recent remarks regarding Alex Rodriguez and a changed perception.

Granted, the Amsterdam-native possesses an on-base percentage of .320 which is well below a respectable leadoff mark. However, his ability to drive in runs and hit situationally makes for a perfect number two hitter.

His .316 clip with runners in scoring position and runners on, .333 mark with the bases loaded, and brilliant .387 average with two outs and runners in scoring position all go to show his ability to come through in a timely manner. In addition, he has shown a superb ability to handle the bat and move runners over with bunts and effective hit placements.

The short and compact stroke he possesses makes him a perfect fit in the top portion of an order, and the only factor keeping him from it on this particular team is sheer track record.

With that said, a team hovering around .500 each and every day needs to throw track record out the window. The Yankees simply need something to click and ultimately work.

Why rob your hottest hitter of an extra 15 or 20 RBIs by keeping him in an unfavorable spot in the order?

All the guy has done is hit .333 with 15 RBIs this month. The old saying goes “Win with your best, lose with your best”, right?

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