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New York Yankees: Options To Replace The Dismal Ivan Nova

Julie Jacobson, AP
Julie Jacobson, AP

Ivan Nova has completely fell off the table for the New York Yankees and it may be time to start looking at alternative options to take his spot in the rotation.

When Ivan Nova was first promoted to the New York Yankees’ starting rotation amidst a CC Sabathia groin injury in May, he proved he was worth the nod.

In his first three starts with the starting staff, he went a brilliant 2-0 with a 1.65 ERA. He did not only seem destined to stay, but there was thought as to him serving as an asset this season.

However, as the right-hander’s work load has gone up so has his ERA. Over his last seven outings, he is 2-4 with a brutal 6.92 ERA, opponents have hit a stellar .313 against him, and he has allowed nine long balls.

Perhaps Nova became too comfortable in the bullpen early on and was not stretched out. Maybe he was just not up to the task. One can only speculate.

With that said, results are results. Ivan Nova is simply not pitching like a big league caliber arm. He has no business clogging up a spot in the Yankee rotation at the moment and the organization should have no problem demoting him back to the bullpen.

Sending him on a trip out to right-center field would of course mean a replacement in the starting rotation. Here are some options the Yanks have looming were they to make the correct move.