Already down 2-0 in tonight’s game, the New York Yankees may have just lost their best hitter.

This is the worry with leaning on a 39-year-old as your main source of offensive production. Carlos Beltran, who is having a renaissance year for the New York Yankees, departed from tonight’s ballgame after hitting a single off the left field wall.

The right fielder, who has 19 homers and raised his average up to .297 with the rocket into the corner, did not make the turn on what looked like a clear two-bagger.

The inability to round first and pull into second drew an immediate visit from Joe Girardi and trainer Steve Donohue. Beltran immediately grabbed the area around his right hamstring when Donohue appeared to ask what was bothering him.

With one of the most inconsistent offenses in baseball, the Yankees can ill-afford to lose their most consistent hitter. However, this is what happens with players of his age.

The Yanks were fortunate for quite some time and the reliance may have just finally backfired on them.

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