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What Mark Teixeira’s Production Means To The New York Yankees

3. Lineup Spacing

A switch-hitter with power the middle of the order provides all sorts of opportunities for a skipper. Having two is a dream.

The problem for Joe Girardi has been that only one of the two has served a purpose. Consistency from both Carlos Beltran, who has been outstanding, and Teixeira, who has been less than outstanding, can make a lineup extremely hard to attack.

Spacing the two out in the lineup avoids strings of righties and lefties at any point. This avoids managers simply playing the matchup game when the Yanks are up against it late in contests.

Combine Teixeira’s numbers from last year with Beltran’s current 42 HR, 116 RBI pace and you have a switch-hitting duo most teams would do some ugly things to get their hands on.

The hope is that an upturn from the 36-year-old can be combined with the unbelievable walk year the 39-year-old is already having.