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What Mark Teixeira’s Production Means To The New York Yankees

2. Alex Rodriguez’s Outburst

The Yankees have been waiting, and waiting, and waiting some more. At this point, they may be starting to think that A-Rod’s 33 HR, 86 RBI 2015 campaign is the last time they will see a season of that caliber from their aging slugger.

Sitting at 695 career home runs, the 40-year-old brings with him a subpar .662 OPS, a lackluster .223 batting average, and unconvincing power production. With eight homers and 26 runs batted in through 44 games, something is missing with Rodriguez.

The answer: Teixeira.

Dynamic was the combination of Rodriguez and Teixeira at the number three and four slots, respectively, in the lineup last year. Tex was such a presence that opponents felt obligated to pitch to A-Rod.

With the nonexistence of Teixeira, opposing pitchers have the luxury of expanding the zone with an aging star that no longer has the same ability to catch up with the heater. He has been guessing.

Tex regaining form can mean the reuniting of the two back-to-back in the order. You can bet on the results being substantially better than what is being put out currently.