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New York Yankees: Brett Gardner On Cleanup Duty In Left Field (Video)

After a fan made an absolute mess, New York Yankees left fielder Brett Gardner took it upon himself to restore order in left field.

It can reasonably be inferred that Brett Gardner has been in a good mood of late. The New York Yankees have pulled above .500, he collected another three hits on Saturday, and he has maintained an outstanding .339 clip over his last 15 games.

He was in such a good mood in a win over the Twins that he went as far as taking the role of a groundskeeper for a brief moment.

Let’s just say a fan made a huge and filthy mess, dropping a bucket of fries in left field. Not only were there delicious Yankee Stadium french fries scattered on the warning track, but there was a jumbo bucket sitting as a potential obstruction to the game.

Where was the Yankee Stadium staff? Who knows.

What is known is the fact that Gardner returned the bucket where it belonged, without the fries that the fan most likely desired.

H/T theScore

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