With Mark Teixeira nearing his return, the New York Yankees have an interesting roster decision on their hands.

Believe what you want regarding Mark Teixeira and his articular cartilage tear, but he is on his way. Expected back sometime this weekend, the New York Yankees will regain some first base stability barring health.

With that said, their current first base scenario will likely have to be dismantled in some form. The question remains as to how they will do it.

As of late, Rob Refsnyder has been as productive as the Yankees could have hoped and is stealing at-bats from Ike Davis. Originally viewed as a righty-lefty platoon, the 25-year-old has a slash of .364/.440/.455 over his last seven games and is earning appearances against right-handers.

In addition, the youngster has not made a fool of himself by any means despite getting his first meaningful reps at the position in big league action.

With all that has transpired since Tex went down, the Davis move can only draw confusion at this point.

Brought in for potential Yankee Stadium power, the club has leaned towards a much more capable bat. Refsnyder is hitting at an impressive .288 clip and providing a useful jolt to the bottom sector of the order.

The confusion stems from the likelihood that Davis will not reside on the big league roster by the end of this weekend. After inking a $1.5 million deal for the remainder of the season, he will be a goner after only 14 at-bats.

In the process of taking away playing time from Davis, Refsnyder has also increased his value immensely at the major league level. With the ability to play both corner outfield positions, second, third, and now first all to some effectiveness, he can serve as a super-utility man with Tex back in the everyday lineup.

Moreover, he can spell the 36-year-old on select days and also give him half-days when they opt to DH Teixeira.

It seems inevitable that he will remain in pinstripes into next week and beyond, and it seems unlikely that the Yankees will carry three first baseman.

Refsnyder in, Davis out.

The move seems more and more simple each and every day and the signing of a 29-year-old marginal chip seems more and more nonsensical as the days pass.

Remaining to be seen is whether the Yanks will have an able first base candidate down in Triple-A or a recently signed major league hopeful looking for a new job in the free agent pool.

What is not a terribly tough roster decision will symbolize more of an admittance of a mistake by the organization.

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