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New York Yankees: Most Dramatic Wins Since Moving Across The Street

Julie Jacobson, AP
Julie Jacobson, AP

In honor of Starlin Castro’s pivotal walk-off blast in yesterday’s win, let’s run down the most dramatic moments the New York Yankees have displayed since moving to their new stadium.

The New York Yankees have had their fair share of dramatic wins throughout their history. Those thrilling victories have led to the World Series championships which the organization prides itself on.

When the franchise decided to tear down the old Yankee Stadium and its rich history, there was a worry that the great moments would not travel across the street.

While the Bronx Bombers certainly have a long way to go to match the feats that the original stadium possessed, there have been some exhilarating moments that have highlighted the seven-plus years at the ‘new’ Yankee Stadium.

With that said, let’s take a look at some of the moments that stick to the minds of fans who have been passionate about the team since the transition.