New York Yankees legend Derek Jeter and President Barack Obama have apparently sat down to have a discussion, one that features talk about old age and retirement.

Former New York Yankees shortstop and five-time world champion Derek Jeter will share something with President Barack Obama in just a few months: they will both be retired.

However you want to view it, President Obama and Jeter can both relate on numerous aspects of life as the nation’s 44th commander-in-chief finishes up his second term in office.

Throughout the past few weeks, The Players’ Tribune, an organization started up by Jeter, has released teasers of a documented talk between the captain and the President in The White House’s Roosevelt Room.

Based on the most recent release, it appears to be an entertaining dialogue that outsiders will get a complete look at this Wednesday, June 22.

Another teaser is set to be put out tomorrow, one day before the conversation between two internationally known men becomes available.

H/T The Players’ Tribune

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