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NBA Finals: Kevin Love Wants High-Five, Gets Mouthful From LeBron (Video)


What’s the difference between NBA star and NBA superstar, you ask? Kevin Love wants friendship. LeBron James wants victory.

Truth be told, there are few things that feel worse than propping up a hand to complete a celebratory and emphatic high-five, only to find your congratulatory gesture ignored.

That is, until Monday, when Cleveland Cavaliers forward Kevin Love propped up his hand for a high-five for (known best friend) LeBron James, only to find his congratulatory gesture ignored while a scolding hot eruption of words headed his way from soon to be ex-teammate Bron Bron.

Kevin, DUCK!

Sadly, this lecture was unavoidable.

Poor, Kevin.

Maybe Love’s gesture alluded to his defense on a previous possession, as the New York Daily News suggests. Maybe, he was simply raising his hand, awaiting James’ permission to speak. Then again, maybe not.

Regardless, during the first quarter of the NBA Finals Game 5, between the Cavs and Golden State Warriors, Love set a new low in the ‘human feelings’ department.

All the while, the other two-thirds of a basketball ‘holy trinity,’ LeBron and Kyrie Irving, carried their team to victory behind 41 points a piece, as K-Love strolled along in 33 minutes of playing time to the tune of 2 PTS, 3 REB, and 2 TO.

H/T Vine, Ronnie 2K 2K15

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