While Nick Swisher appears to be the more glamorous and fan friendly option for the New York Yankees, Tyler Austin will provide far more stability for a position of vacancy.

The New York Yankees have a decision to make. As Mark Teixeira remains sidelined, Nick Swisher appears poised to be handed an unearned nod. However, the organization has a much more formidable option in Tyler Austin lurking down in Scranton.

The 24-year-old 13th round pick from back in 2010 has risen up the ranks for the Yankees’ farm system and now finds himself one level away from the ultimate goal.

Promoted to Triple-A after 50 games with the Trenton Thunder this year, Austin has seized the opportunity at hand. In only six games with the Rail Riders, he has homered two times and driven in eight runs while raking to a .364/.417/.773 slash.

Despite the fact that his days in AAA are still young, his immediate surge may earn him a premature spot in the Bronx.

In seven years playing in the Yankee organization, the 6’2″ right-handed hitter has slashed a stellar .284/.362/.446. Taking his numbers into account, he severely outweighs Swisher as the guy to be called upon.

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He also has 11 years of youth on Swisher, who is simply breaking down in the late stages of a dwindling career. While he may be the energetic and charismatic option, he cannot be judged based on the presence he provided to the club four years back.

The Yankees need to see what they have with Austin at a first glimpse and go with an option that may very well be a force to be reckoned with in the future.

Rob Refsnyder and Austin can realistically create a first base tandem of youth, stability, and vitality until Teixeira’s return. With Tex’s health uncertainty whether he makes a comeback or not, the team will need an insurance policy.

The youngster also provides versatility that few first baseman have. He can handily slide into corner outfield spots and handle third base as well. On the other hand, Swisher possesses an inability to expand with knees that do not grant him the same jolt that they used to.

With that said, as far as youth, value, and production are concerned, Tyler Austin seems to be the favorable call-up for a Yankee team that has simply had bad luck at the first base position.

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