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New York Yankees: Derek Jeter Pays A Visit To Barack Obama (Video)

Apparently former New York Yankees captain Derek Jeter was spending some quality time with the President of the United States.

Derek Jeter is good at a lot of things, particularly baseball in his heyday. However, no one knew he was good at striking up relationships with leaders of the world’s most powerful nation.

A 13-second trailer video released by the twitter account of The Players’ Tribune, owned and operated by Jeter, showed the five-time world champion shaking hands with President Barack Obama.

The question here is why.

Few would think the two go way back and want to meet and kick it back at a bar, so there has to be some purpose to the White House visit. According to nj.com, the last reported time the two were together was when the Tampa Bay Rays visited Cuba to play their national team.

Hey, maybe Jeter wants to know what it is like in the oval office. Perhaps the 2020 campaign trail has already begun.

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