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NBA Finals: Jeff Van Gundy Explains O.J. Simpson’s Slow-Speed Chase

Former New York Knicks’ head coach Jeff Van Gundy is one of the most entertaining commentators in professional sports. Tonight he decided to stun the audience with a story about O.J. Simpson and the infamous police chase.

A promo for ESPN’s 30 for 30 documentary concerning Simpson was run during Game 4 of the NBA Finals and Van Gundy decided to launch into a randomly brilliant story explaining the reason for Simpson’s slow speed during the chase.

According to Van Gundy, Simpson’s teammate and driver of the Ford Bronco AC Cowlings told Pat Riley that Simpson was deliberately driving so slow so they could hear the end of the 1994 Finals game.

The way Van Gundy dropped the bombshell was so perfect. He said it like it was just an anecdote in between plays. If anything it will be a nice promo for ESPN’s documentary.

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